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Implement private chosts / direct messaging

I'm not really picky on how this is implemented but not having any sort of private/direct posting option on cohost seems like a glaring omission. All I want is something that will let me send my Discord information to someone if I have to.

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Not having direct messages is a deliberate decision, and one we will be unlikely to be changing any time soon, if ever. We do not want to run a messaging system for a variety of reasons and do not think we would do as well as existing platforms. We're going to add ways to make it easier to share how people can contact you off site.

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 i'm a bit surprised nobody has mentioned this:


admittedly, it's a bit weird... but if you save a post as a draft, you can send it to people by giving them the direct link to it.

though if your intent is to send it to a particular user directly through cohost, well... i'm not sure if/how you could do that. but this gets halfway there, at least.

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