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Implement private chosts / direct messaging

I'm not really picky on how this is implemented but not having any sort of private/direct posting option on cohost seems like a glaring omission. All I want is something that will let me send my Discord information to someone if I have to.

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Well, there is a solution. You already use email and Telegram is a great service. Cohost is being developed and run by like, four people, who have decided that DMs are hard to moderate, pose legal issues, and take too much development time that could go to other things. Maybe in the future contact sharing can be run on custom whitelists. The site is young and small. Pillowfort I believe has DMs.

What if I want to share that contact with only one person? And, using another middleman site just complicates things further. Now I would have to share my telegram first. That doesn't fix anything.

I disagree with that Katie. You can control who sees your contact info in the contact section of your sidebar so that only mutuals can see it, if you prefer. I know people who have set up burner e-mails for Cohost. I would also encourage you to get Telegram for this purpose

 This shit sucks. If I want to become friends with someone here, my options are A. go to tumblr, B. dox my discord or C. get fucked.

Neither is a great solution. The former is incredibly bad because I don't know about you but a lot of the people I follow are complete strangers, I don't necessarily want to share that information with them. Just because I follow someone doesn't mean I trust them enough to give private contact details. It just means I like their posts.

The ask box system is better, but rather hacky and obviously not the intended design of the feature. A proper feature would be ideal. 

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 ^ you can also use the new ask box system, assuming the person you're sending stuff to decides to enable it.

the new feature with the contact info list solves that problem – you can put your discord info there and make it only visible to people you follow, for example. It's on the edit profile menu.

I'm here nor there on having some kind of instant messaging system but I do think a site like this needs SOME way to send private information to someone without publicly broadcasting their discord account or something. Even if it's just so much as a contacts card like was mentioned before. There's just some information that's not safe to post publicly and if cohost is your only contact with someone that can make things really difficult. 

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as a recent signup (signee?) of co-host i'll say this is the main feature absence that is stopping me from really loving the site as much as i want to - i love chatting with people one to one in private convos/group chats with friends and it's really not convenient at all to have to link to another platform (eg. discord) to message off-site, particularly when certain people don't have their other socials connected, or might not even have those socials at all. sure, messaging has its problems, but to me it feels like it's a common staple of basically every platform for a good reason. just my two cents.

 i'm a bit surprised nobody has mentioned this:


admittedly, it's a bit weird... but if you save a post as a draft, you can send it to people by giving them the direct link to it.

though if your intent is to send it to a particular user directly through cohost, well... i'm not sure if/how you could do that. but this gets halfway there, at least.

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Not having direct messages is a deliberate decision, and one we will be unlikely to be changing any time soon, if ever. We do not want to run a messaging system for a variety of reasons and do not think we would do as well as existing platforms. We're going to add ways to make it easier to share how people can contact you off site.

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Something along the lines of Tumblr-style asks might be a solution to enable sending one-off private messages without implementing a full instant messenger chat system, if that is objectionable for whatever reason.

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i'm definitely of the mind there should eventually be some sort of on-site system that serves as a private message/direct message system, and i think i'd echo the idea of emulating old-style webforums (especially phpBB ones) where there is a system but it's pretty rudimentary. there's no need to reinvent the wheel or be particularly complicated here, especially with how few staff are doing the work here and the general vibe of the site.

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A simple direct messaging system would definitely be nice, especially for creative types

Maybe there could be a DM system like older webforums had, where it's more like email than an instant messaging app. It would provide a way to contact someone when there's no alternative, but it wouldn't be attractive to use for long conversations and so people would naturally use other sites for that.

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