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Add hotkeys for navigating your dashboard

On several social media sites (including both tumblr and reddit, last I checked) you can press j to scroll down to the next post and k to scroll up to the previous one in your feed. On tumblr you can also press L to like the current post! it would be nice to have these options on cohost as well

A few other things it would be good to have that aren't present on other social media:

  • A way to scroll down to the next addition to a post, or the next heading. This would make navigating long threads easier
  • A way to quick reblog that doesnt involve the mouse, similar to liking by pressing L - it's annoying to be able to mostly navigate with the keyboard and then move your hand over when you want to share. tumblr used to let you do this by pressing alt+r but they removed that option at some point
  • hotkeys for hiding/showing the additions to a post instead of clicking the thing
  • hotkeys for showing/hiding cw posts
  • hotkeys for expanding/unexpanding readmores

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 Seconded. Posts have been getting long enough we could use this.

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seconded, tho as somebody cozy with casual browsing using a mouse exclusively, some of these could also be nice to have not just as hotkeys, but as clickable options too, like a floating/sticky menu that follows the post/browser window. 

especially the jumps to different sections of a post and the ability to un-Read More a post without scrolling to the bottom of it, i've had many cases of discovering the rest of the post was waaaay longer than i'd like to scroll by, lol

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I just wanted to flag - shortcuts can be an accessibility issue. This link goes over why, and gives ways to make them accessible:

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Bumping this! Using the arrow keys to paginate is very useful for me on Tumblr and I'd like for that to be implemented on Cohost too, given it's a pagination-only website.

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 Bumping this request.

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I love this idea! It would be amazing if the user could customize what these hotkeys are, but I'm unsure how viable that is from a coding standpoint.

I'm extremely used to navigating between posts with the keyboard for Masto and Tumblr and I'd love to be able to do it here

I'd very much like this feature also.  Feel free to take any code from this tutorial I made on adding J/K keyboard support to custom Tumblr themes, in case any of it is applicable to Cohost!

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