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'explore' function, trending hashtags

since we're all new and most of us are following so few people now, maybe there can be some sort of explore tab. maybe on the left side. a menu option for your main timeline and a menu option for 'explore' - as far as the algorithm, maybe for now it can be people in you network? friends of friends? friends of friends of friends? and then let you search certain hashtags or trending hashtags.

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disagree, especially in the case of trending hashtags

I get the desire to improve discoverability, esp if youre used to twitter where youve got an algorithm constantly feeding you new Content. but imo the best case scenario is this becomes like tumblr where these features are ignored, worst case it encourages clout-chasing and other harmful behaviours

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agree with maggie. "Trending" or "explore" pages will inevitably lead to spam or clout-chasing, and it will make it easier for people to get their content shown to an audience that may react poorly, because they were not looking specifically for those kinds of posts

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