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PostyBirb Support

Does Cohost have plans to implement support for PostyBirb? Many creatives, myself included, are hedging their bets with Twitter's current ownership by joining many other sites, including this one. I am using PostyBird to help make this transition to a more fragmented social media landscape a little easier through the use of this program to post content to multiple sites at once. It would be very convenient for me to be able to add Cohost to the list of services I could post content to.

Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from y'all soon!

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I came onto here looking for the exact same question, it's looking like it could potentially be both sides needing to put in work to implement this.

GitHub issue:

Unsure what is the current status of the cohost API and unsure what is the current progress on PostyBird's side too as there has not been an update since April.

Is there a way for both devs to get in touch somehow as I've been trying to get a few artist friends to move over to post on cohost too and without PostyBird support, they've been hessitant.

I use postybirb too and i feel thats more a posty birb request than a cohost request.  i think cohost can already have multiple contributors to a page so theres probably a way for postybirb to set it up

Better bot support in general might be a clearer request

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