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Media tab/gallery

I know it's already planned but I'm posting this just so people can vote for it too. It'd be really helpful for us artists to have this feature.

My mockup/suggestion is already referenced in the bug tracker card but I'm putting it here as well in case others might have other ideas/additions/improvements to it:


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this was part of our original design spec for profiles, and it's still on our list!

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This is awesome, especially with the folders

Just wanted to mention this as others have said already since it's not in the mockup I made, but if possible, the ability to actually reorder your media in the gallery would be perfect. I know cohost isn't supposed to be an art-focused site but it's a feature that many art gallery sites don't have and it would make the site very appealing for artists imo, especially when the subs come around.

The reason I'd like the reordering is so I can repost stuff from my art backlog and sort it properly by the date I made them, since I didn't post all my art here back when I joined and I'd love to do that without my old stuff being mixed with my newer stuff.

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A gallery that could also generate automatic sub-galleries from tags would be a killer feature for artists. Lightbox-style browsing of the images would also go a long way.

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I would like to say that, even though in practice I have seen it be buggy, Pixelfed has a pretty good gallery feature (bugs aside) called "albums" that lets you create multiple albums, and when you post new content you can choose an album (or maybe multiple albums? I've never tried) to add it to. Albums can have the posts in them reordered, and the albums can have descriptions and a banner image; it's not like having a profile within a profile, since it has a different look, but it works great for everything from "pics from my trip to Rome" to "my art portfolio." As you work on and refine this feature, referencing the parts of Pixelfed albums that work well (and leaving behind the parts that don't, like the bugs) might be good. Though, you might already have a complete design in mind that's better than anything I or the Pixelfed dev have thought of, so please ignore me if this comment isn't of any use

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Would love to have this feature on CoHost! This would help bring in a lot more artists. As far as I know, the only other social website that has this is Tiktoks "Collections".

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As someone who ran away from deviantART and ended up here, yeah, absolutely need a way for me to organize my posts so people can find my writing, comics, art, profiles, refs, etc.

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