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Media tab/gallery

I know it's already planned but I'm posting this just so people can vote for it too. It'd be really helpful for us artists to have this feature.

My mockup/suggestion is already referenced in the bug tracker card but I'm putting it here as well in case others might have other ideas/additions/improvements to it:


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I would like it if I had a good control over my gallery view/tab. That I could exclude media I posted from it, and ideally, rearrange it. I'm planning on posting archival art on cohost and I would rather to be able to slot it in the right place temporarily in such a gallery. Also that I could for example post a process pic or something else completely and be able to exclude it from the media gallery

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A tab for writing would be great too so that people can easily organize and view fanfiction, original works, reviews, etc.

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I really like the idea of a general gallery on each page that users can add any of their posts to. If it's an image, it'll show a thumbnail, and if it's just text, it'll show the title or first line, and then viewers can click through to see the full posts. This will make it easy for people who create things to easily surface that stuff, whatever it is, without worrying about it being buried under shares and general posts. 

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A general gallery of posts, like jgs describes reminds me of a tumblr archive, but for me, as a visual artist who intends to have an art blog on cohost, a dream solution would be if it was about individual media uploads rather than posts (kinda like the little box on sidebar of twitter profiles that displays thumbnails of 6 latest media). My ideal would be if any media file uploaded to a post was available to be put into a media gallery, which could be reordered, and when you clicked on a thumbnail it would open it in lightbox and also displayed a link to a post that it originates from. Also the individual files wouldn't be grouped by post and I'd be able to exclude any of them from the gallery. Let's say I upload a post with 4 pictures, that are assorted. Then, as I'd like my media gallery to be chronological archive, I would slot those pictures in different places in it, and not include some of them at all, because I felt they were interesting context or addition to the post, but I don't want them in my general art archive.

That being said, I'm only describing my dream functionality, from a very narrow perspective. It obviously excludes text posts, and jgs's description includes them. It obviously would be amazing if you could construct a writing catalogue too! Maybe such gallery could allow you to either pick individual files or posts, whatever you need in it?

I don't know anything about tech or building things and I know I'm pipe dreaming probably, but I figured this forum is for the devs to learn how ppl use / want to use cohost, so I just described my dream function :•)

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I think a media gallery would be such a welcome addition since it's something that a lot of social media platforms don't have, especially with an organizing option. Especially folders as shown in the mockup or any other kind of control over which works to display would greatly benefit visual artists who don't like their finished artwork and all other media crammed in the same place.

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I've been trying to get myself to sit down and hand-code my own portfolio website for years now, I think. I'm not tech-versed so I'm going to need to learn everything from scratch and the task that is most daunting for me is that I really want to have a comprehensive archive page. What is daunting is that I'd need to update that on regular basis for it to function as I intend it and it's just seem like a lot of work for someone who can't yet code and build websites in general. If I could link my cohost media gallery (something I would be able to easily edit anytime I want in a browser client) as an "archive" from my website, it would be an absolute godsend! And that of course would be only possible if I could organize and curate it freely :•)

That's re: what Larpui is talking about, that there isn't really something like that on other platforms

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to continue a thought i had in another thread, i'd like to ponder out loud what kind of factors the Media Type would be based on, because im a big fan of this style of categorization, being able to look at just the images folks have posted on their Tumblr is a great convenience, but unlike on Tumblr, Cohost doesnt have like, a 'make X type of post' prompt (text post, image post, quote/audio/video etc), and i've seen some folks just post a single image or two as like, a 'header' image, but for stuff like long-form text blog posts, so Automatically categorizing those under an 'image' label would probably not work..  

and on one hand, just letting folks pick their own Labels of posts (separate from the Gallery Folders they can put them put into) could let folks customize their page as much as they'd want (as suggested by the OP of that other thread i linked to), but if combined with future Filtering options, having some baseline Standards like Tumblr's 'text post' or 'image post' types could go a long way to let folks more Easily curate their own feed/browsing experience (tho maybe that's getting out of the scope of This Feature's topic, lol)

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(edit: i could've sworn i'd seen some talks about filtering options somewhere from the staff, but i cant find it at all in the bug tracker page, so uh, never mind that part unless it Does become a thing eventually (i hope it does))

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Just chiming in here to say that I absolutely love this idea -- this is, like, the holy grail of social media features to me and I'm surprised I've never seen anyone do it (Not that I've used that many different social media websites, in fairness). Giving users a media gallery is great, but giving  users a media gallery that's customizable is, like, a dream come true. As an artist, I'd love to be able to throw all of my art posts into a media gallery, reorder it, and sort it into folders.

The idea of the posts in the gallery being added, curated, and categorized by the user themselves would also, I imagine, make this feature useful for more than just artists -- if we don't limit which types of posts can be added, then people writing essays or poems or fics or other kinds of text posts could also use it to put all of their best things in one place for their followers to access easily.

Giving users control instead of adding all media to the gallery automatically isn't just useful for users who want to be able to curate and organize their things, either -- it also solves a bunch of logistical problems that I imagine the devs might face creating a media gallery for cohost (How do we determine what counts as media? Any post with image attachments? Well, a lot of people are using inline images. What about embeds? We probably don't want the media tab grabbing every post with a link in it. Do we count HTML and CSS stuff? That's such a broad range of post types, and there's no good way to include them without either including a bunch of posts users might not want in their gallery, or excluding posts that they do want in their gallery).

Pinned posts kind of serve this purpose for now (I love that I can pin more than one post!), and I've been using it to keep a bunch of my favorite pieces at the top of my profile, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. I have a lot of art I'd like to keep easily accessible at the top of my profile, but even after just three or four pinned posts it starts to feel like something of an obstruction people visiting my page have to scroll past every time, rather than a cool showcase of my stuff.

So, yeah, I love, love, love the idea of having a media gallery, and making it customizable and curatable would be the absolute best way to do it (and maybe the only way to do it, in cohost's case, with the nature of the site being the way it is).

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 Just chiming in to say I LOVE this mockup, I'd adore it!

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I *love* this idea - it's so nice

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amazing mockup!!

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i have no creative talent, but i am very attractive. a feature like this is vital for the comfort of this site's most attractive users. we need to be able to make it immediately clear to visitors that we are very attractive, so that we can be treated accordingly. great mockup, this feature would be very appreciated

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this would be huuuuuuuge, probably my #1 most wanted feature.

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