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Site-wide language selection (translations)

Cohost should support multiple different languages. The default interface language should be read from the user's system/browser, and there should be a setting for the preferred language of the user. The whole interface of the site should then use the selected language. This is crucial for making the service accessible to all kinds of people from different regions.

It is very hard to recommend the service e.g. to Japanese people if the interface is not properly translated.

I'm certain this has crossed the minds of the developers, but a proper feature request for translations is good to exist so that users can track its status. :)

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Just wanna say that I volunteer to translate the site to brazilian portuguese if the devs ever need help with the language translations.

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I'd like to add a note here: when this is implemented, the website should also include the proper lang attribute on the html element for whatever language the majority of the website is in, for accessibility. (Right now, there isn't any lang attribute...)

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