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Suggested tags (static, not algorithmic)

I've seen a few people comment on how they're having difficulty finding other people to follow on the site. I've personally found a lot of interesting people via the #welcome to cohost tag that's suggested when you first join the site, but posting there is kind of one and done - it's great for finding new users, but not necessarily older ones. So, what if we had a few other tags that were featured in a sidebar/widget thing like the cohost corner box? These tags wouldn't be algorithmically recommended, but would rather be some like... general easy-to-join activities that anyone on the site can participate in. For example, we could have a #makers monday where people share the project they're working on, or some kind of tag for icebreakers and casual questions. Main pain points I could see here would be managing spam (not just automated, but from people who post like twenty things in a row in hopes of getting more attention) and not necessarily bad but awkward behavior (like posting about self-harm in a casual questions tag).

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