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Option/Alt+Click for quick rechosts

 Tumblr (or maybe XKit, I haven't used Tumblr without it in years) has a feature where you can alt+click the reblog button to instantly reblog something in the background without leaving the page or opening a new tab.

I'd love for cohost to have an option similar to this for quick rechosts where I don't have anything to add as it's less disruptive to The Scrolling Experience ™️

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jae's actually got a feature branch for this open already! (though I think their branch uses shift-click)  tagging "in progress."

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oh hell yes, thank you!

How would this work on mobile? There's not a shift button on a touch device.

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It would be good if there was a way to quick share on mobile as well! Also worth noting that the way this is done now on tumblr is a little different than how it's described here:

If you hold down "e" and mouse over the reblog button, 3 bubbles representing your 3 most recently used blogs come up, and you can click on one to quick-reblog to that blog. Holding "w" does the same but lets you add posts to your queue instead of reblogging. both options are really handy to have!

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Shift-click is implemented now but I second the wish for a mobile option.

seeing as this has been implemented on mobile, this is technically complete. but while this is thread is still open, i'd like to propose something else, as someone else has suggested in this post:

quite honestly, gestures are generally pretty annoying, and keyboard hotkeys are kinda unintuitive. i also feel like these things can be difficult to grasp for new users, especially if these types of shortcuts aren't explained anywhere outside of word-of-mouth or just random trial and error.

i honestly think it'd be better if clicking/tapping the share button brought up a lil menu, similar to twitter, which allows you to either:
- share immediately
- share with response

this would also have the added benefit of indirectly acting as a confirmation before instantly sharing something to your profile, which would be particularly useful on mobile. :)

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Echoing the post that JackDotJS linked. I keep inadvertently sharing stuff on mobile while scrolling—I guess because my thumb placement is too far to the right of the screen?

I can see why some people would want this, but I'd like to be able to disable this feature in my user settings.

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This is definitely not a complete feature if it's only on mobile.
But thankfully the "in progress" tag is still there. I still would really like to be able to share a post without it taking me to a new page.

I agree about opening a little menu. Personally the type of menu that came to mind was something similar to Xkit on tumblr [Or maybe tumblr itself, I can't remember], where it opened a little menu that allowed you to choose which page you wanna post to.


Clicking the username would show a drop down menu with all your blogs.

for the record, you can also quick share on desktop by holding shift. but it's a weirdly hidden and unintuitive feature, so my suggestion still stands. i might just make a separate thread for it for better visibility

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