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Better Android Web App Support

 This should probably go to the bottom of the priority list but I figure when there's less focus on new features and better behind-the-scenes code, it could be a good way to "make an app" without having to deal with an appstore or tons .

So if you aren't familiar, firefox and other browsers on android has the option to save certain websites as a separate app. I use it, its not a bad replacement for a mobile app. Here's what it currently does to cohost:

-creates a really easy way to open it from the home screen

-removes the top url bar (to make it look like an actual app)

Other than that its pretty similar to the mobile site, but by eliminating the url bar and basically everything else added by firefox, there's a lot more screen cohost can use.

So here's what could be better:

-as someone has already mentioned in a bug report, the icon is all white on the home screen. Idk where its pulling that image from but it would be neat if it was more recognizable

-all the account options are hiding any actual posts until you scroll down. It would be nice if this was just a pop out tab coming from the left, since thats much closer to how it looks on an actual computer. It would also make going through pages of your dash less of a guessing game, hitting the arrow looks like it takes you somewhere else, and not just a continuation of the dash with new posts.

-get rid of or rethink the hamburger menu on top. Right now all it does is give you access to options that are already available on the screen. That could be where all the account options go, or it could just be removed. Right now it takes space away from the posts with little benefit, and i really can't think of a reason for the extra post button when the floating one at the bottom already reads well.

-speaking of floating buttons, man the current ones are small. just make them a liiiitle bit bigger.

-if and when we get more dashboards (like followed tags or trending posts or something) make it so you can easily switch between them. These should be prioritized over the account settings, since they're probably going to be used more.

-and last but not least, there's a little white strip on the top. I don't know where this comes from, its not there in the normal firefox version and other website-app hybrids dont have it. It seems like its where the url would be, and now that there isnt a url, its visible and taking up space.

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