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Shortcut to skip to bottom of post

A quick way to skip past posts would make the dashboard more usable, both by letting you jump to the end of extra long posts, and by letting you easily get past a post the fourth time in a row it's shown up on your dash. Tumblr let you do this with a keyboard shortcut, but since I mostly use mobile, I'd prefer either a small floating button (a down arrow in the lower right corner?) or a mobile-friendly shortcut option (a sideways swipe?) in addition to a keyboard shortcut. Currently the "read less" and "hide x posts" button are supposed to help you get past long posts quickly, but I find I'm not using them very often because they're at the very bottom or top of the post, and I usually decide I want to skip past the rest of a post when I'm already partway through it. By the time I've scrolled all the way to the bottom of a read more'd post there's no longer any reason to collapse it, and at the top of a post with many contributions I haven't yet realized *quite* how long the contributions are going to be or whether I'll be interested in the contributions. And I know there's been discussion of collapsing multiple shares to help with the "same post five times in an row" option, but that comes with some logistical questions and potential drawbacks, so just making it easier to get past the reposts quickly might be the easier solution.

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