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Disable reblogs/comments for individual posts

It would be great if like on Pillowfort, there was a toggle when creating a new post that allows us to disable reblogs and comments (separately, so you can disable reblogs but allow comments). Main use case for this would be more personal posts that people wouldn't want reblogged, or vent posts where someone's just looking to get something off their chest without looking for advice. (Attached screenshot of said toggles from Pillowfort.)

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tumblr also has this! it can also be useful if a post breaches containment to be able to edit it and turn off reblogs to prevent further spread

it would also be nice to have some finer-grained options such as only allowing mutuals to reblog

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Sorry to double post, but it also occurred to me it might be useful to have options around limiting how many shares a post can have! it would again be a good way to make sure your posts don't breach containment and I think that along with the other options mentioned here would be good for addressing one of the concerns brought up here (the one about being followed by someone popular)

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