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Better Content Warning Controls

Feature: A tag to either dictates what gets hidden or what gets shown with content warning (whichever people think is better or easier)

Use Case: While a general hiding of an entire post can be good to help people avoid extremely triggering stuff, it gets overbearing for more 'courtsy' uses of CW. For example I was making a post about a pro wrestler being injured. I linked to a promo she cut, bleeding from her mouth. It was a little gruesome, so I put a CW but then saw the whole post, title and text, were all blocked. So people who follow me are just gonna see a post like "Hey wanna see some blood??" with very little idea of what the post is about.

I tried to give a descriptive title in case that would be shown, and it wasn't. I suppose I could have just put a ton of CWings on it describing that it's a post about pro wrestling and injuries and a really tough ex-idol girl, but i decided to nix the CW, unembed the promo and do my CW the old fashion way, with text. I suppose I could do a like.... two part reblog to hide just the part I think people might not want to see but this just more feels like a feature that would be appreciated by a lot of people! The post in question



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100% behind this. I see this come up a lot with photosensitivity warnings; I follow a gif creator whose posts are usually hidden from everyone because they're good about adding warnings for flashing lights. Since there's a feature to keep gifs from autoplaying, the CW could probably be added manually elsewhere in a post--but I would rather folks not have to make a choice between avoiding the very clear and visible official content warning and accepting that their post has a much higher chance of not being noticed at all. 

I like this idea a lot - currently if there are things I want to do that to I use this html I borrowed that nests content inside a clickable header (like a read-more), using the following: 
    <summary>click here to expand the post with a picture of my cat yelling<summary>
     <div>whatever the content is - so for example <img src="" alt="this is a picture of my cat yelling"></div>

  this is something I kind of copy paste when I need it in posts, but maybe it could be something in the markdown cheat sheet (although not markdown), or a type of functionality non-coders could click/use when posting - maybe something simple like 'nest' or 'collapse' x bit of the post?

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i would loove to be able to block out an image or embed with an opt-in content warning! sort of like how embeds work right now, the embed doesn't load in until you click "yes allow embeds from this site"

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I love the idea of adding
as a suggested/supported option (it seems more reliable than read more currently). I would want to be able to add official CW notes to those posts still; it pokes my brain a bit that there's an official warning with a very clear visual distinction that alerts people, "this is a thing you may want to read before clicking to view," and I currently have to work around using it if I don't want to fully hide the post. ;-;
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