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Better/Selective Content Warning control

Feature: Some sort of tag to say what part of the post should be hidden behind a CW (or which part to show as a preview, either way).

Use Case: I decided to try and use content warning warning for a post involving pro wrestling and a injury that included dental damage. The video I was linking too was a little gruesome so I figured a content warning would be best, but it  also came with a few paragraphs of text of me talking about someone and pro wrestling.

When I checked the post, it was all blocked, no title or anything, because of the content warning. Now lets say, if I have a cohost page of noncon fiction, which would probably have very triggering titles, hiding the whole post makes sense. But in this case, if someone saw the message on their timeline, they'd basically just be asked "Hey kids, wanna see some blood?" without a lot of context. I guess I could try and explain what it's about in smaller content warning tags, but that doesn't feel great?

In my case, I unembedded the video and did the CW manually, which made me feel like I was hitting a real weakness with the system. I'd optimally just be able  to put some tag around the video or something and be like 'blur this out". Or if I was talking even more in depth or about a gnarlier topic, be able to go "Here I'm talking about wrestling, or whatever and about this person or fictional character, but we're gonna get into (insert topic)" so people could make an informed decision on whether they want to click through. Post, for reference.

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