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Site-level CSS customisation

Basic idea

An area in either Settings or Edit Profile to put CSS in that will be applied site-wide whenever you're logged in.


I'm not a big fan of dropshadows and larger rounded corner radii, and the blurring that gets applied when I click the "new post" button in the bottom right corner causes some performance issues on some of my machines. I'd like to change that without making requests that other users may disagree with, and I'd like the changes to be present on systems where I don't have access to browser userstyles.

Ulterior motive

I just know someone's going to make a userstyle that turns cohost into Windows XP and that's what I really want. I could also imagine a community-run theme gallery.


I use the search engine "Kagi", which introduced this feature a few months back, and I absolutely love having my own CSS customisations present despite not having a browser extension to enable userstyles.


  • Not completely arbitrary CSS
    I'd like more flexibility than in individual chosts' style blocks, but I humbly request that you don't grant the ability to define CSS animations with this. I like the limitations that the existing animations have.
  • Not applied on every page
    For safety's sake I think it would be reasonable to not include account-level CSS on the settings page, and maybe others.
  • Easily turned off
    Have a URL parameter for turning off CSS on whichever page you're on. Could be for troubleshooting, could be for comparison against "stock" cohost.
  • Size limited
    I can imagine someone ruining the fun by using an account-level CSS storage box to store a 2160p copy of Shrek in base64 format. Maybe 100kb maximum size limit for the contents of the CSS box?

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here to second the hope for a community-run theme gallery someday

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OUGH I'd love this sm

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