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Multiple subscription tiers

Personally, I would consider paying more than the $5/month to support hosting and development costs.

Maybe have an extra perk, idk whatever.
Honestly I just like this platform and would like to more strongly help it realize its potential. I believe others might as well.
A $10 tier I would go for, maybe even $15.
$20-25 could be nice if there was an increased upload limit?

Maybe a pay-what-you want, with the $5 minimum?

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I'd be down for paying more even without tiered rewards

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This is in progress! For silly reasons, we can't easily do pay-what-you-want, but we are adding separate tiers for users who want to pay even more for the same thing. On a personal note: I remain blown away that this is such a common feature request (we've been getting informal feedback about this for a while).

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Personally, 100% same , Xoey.

As someone who works in cloud infra and has spent time brainstorming different-to-this-but-intersecting platforms, keeping it funded without resorting to intrusive ads or VC is something I feel is important, but it's SO difficult without user support. It's essential to being able to properly maintain control of the platform.

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i would pay ten dollars a month for cohost plus plus

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