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a "Follow Back" button.

A lot of us are rebuilding our networks and re-finding our friends. When one finds you first, it'd be great if you could either click a button right on the notification to return to mutual following. Maybe a notification on a profile that lets you know that this person follows you as well.

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A "follows you" annotation has already been extensively discussed here;

Yeah, totally gonna +1 this. Pretty much every other social network has this simple-in-theory-but-maybe-not-in-practice UI element. Cohost definitely needs to implement it.

yes please. I definitely do not want followers/following counts in general but this specific feature would be very useful, specifically as you both have mentioned the simple notification that the user you're looking at is following you. I don't think it matters to me whether the button text changes to "follow back" but that is kind of cute when websites do it

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+1 on a "follows you" indicator - I don't necessarily need or want the numbers game but knowing whether or not someone sees my posts on their TL is good imho. 

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