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Remix button for posts

It might be really cool to have a remix button on posts that opens the New Post page with the content / source code of the post you're remixing ready for you to modify. This would let folks who aren't super comfortable with CSS have some ability to copy / modify cool post designs for themselves, or for people to make template posts with funky CSS effects meant for others to modify, or even for simple quizzes for folks to share around and answer (e.g. what was your first game console? favorite movie? last 4 of your social security number?).

The app could include a link back to the original post in the metadata UI to credit the original author, too. A good example of where this may have been helpful is the worldwide music wednesday posts, where people ended up sharing 10+ reshare deep posts that were super-tall on the feed; a remix button could allow people to point back to the original easily (and even pre-fill the tags) without having to join a giant reshare thread.

The main concern would be consent to be remixed; such a feature might be best made an opt-in one? So that anyone can mark a post as remixable, but by default it would be disabled so as not to promote copying content that isn't intended to be copied.

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Oooh, yes! This is an excellent idea and I wholeheartedly endorse it as a web dev hobbyist! :D

We do a lot of cribbing of others' code--especially CSS tricks--in the web dev world already. It's practically a thing for front-end web devs to show off what they can do with HTML+CSS in places like JSFiddle and Codepen for others to look at and go "Whoah... that's a cool way of doing that!"

HTML is open source quite literally by design, so it's trivial to ctrl+U a page to view source or ctrl+I to open the dev tools, but if you don't know what you're doing or what you're looking for, you're literally searching for a needle in an indecipherable haystack.

It would be so cool for Cohost to implement something like this as a feature to allow users to start to dig into the wonderful and incredible world of front-end web dev. ^_^

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