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It would be nice to have a share button, maybe in the 3 dot menu of a post, so that i can quickly grab a link to a post to send to a friend over text.

The current method of opening the comments and copying the url from there is a bit awkward and i lose my place in the feed

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Agree a more intuitive solution would be nice, but in the meantime you can right-click>copy link location on the comment link to get a link to a post without leaving your feed. 

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Seconding this, I register my support account just to suggest this. Tumblr was like this for a while and it always annoyed the heck outta me. I appreciated that Bird App made it simple.

Agreed, would really love this feature!

Big agree. I really want to be able to share chosts offsite. It's a great way to show off the kind of cool and creative things that are happening on here.

You can also currently copy the link location out of the timestamp on any post, just fyi

If you click into the meatball menu for a post or comment, you should see a "share" button which opens up your system's native share sheet for copying, sharing, or what have you.

please not that this menu does not appear on firefox due to firefox not supporting the required API. all other browsers work fine.