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Bot support and automation tools

Unlike its new owner, bots are one of my favorite things about Twitter. I have made many Twitter bots for art and entertainment, and follow many more. Cheap Bots Done Quick, in particular, made bot-making accessible for many people by using Tracery (a simple, easy-to-learn language) and hosting and running bots for free. I would really, really love to be able to both port my CBDQ Twitter bots to Cohost, and to see what an even more robust, integrated toolset would allow new and existing botmakers to create. 

At minimum, this would be a simple interface for automating posts using some formula. A CBDQ-style Tracery interface would be great. Supporting other languages would be incredible, if difficult to implement safely. Support for replying to comments in an automated way would also be cool.

For obvious reasons, I know this will be nowhere near the top of staff's priority list, particularly while the site is still growing towards sustainability. (Perhaps this could be gated behind Cohost Plus? It's not exactly a "core feature.") It's probably my #1 "magic wand" feature for social media sites, and Cohost has already shown an incredible willingness to give users more control over their posts than other sites.

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i would also love this, but I think cohost would need different speeds of posting than CBDQ does on twitter. i think it would also be cool if we could embed tracery grammars into chosts?
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