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Per-user tag pages

On tumblr you can share a link to a page with all your posts on a particular topic, which is extremely useful. Adopting tumblr's /username/tagged/tag url scheme would be very nice for this.

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this is already possible by going to someone’s subdomain instead: it should probably be made more discoverable though…

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Oh, sweet. Yeah I have no idea how I would ever have figured that out. It would be great if the default behavior of clicking a tag was to take you to the user-tag-page of the user who posted it, with like a "see all posts with this tag" button or whatever.

This is another example of the sort of thing full text search alleviates; if i could just search "user tag pages" on cohost itself I would surely have found people explaining this :)

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I should add that while the subdomain tagged page works, the subdomain pages are Not Tested right now, so if you're privy to this knowledge please don't pass those links around off-site until we make an announcement in the patch notes; they may be broken in mysterious ways.

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