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Export my data

I'd like to be able to export my posts, including their metadata (e.g., tags, date), into a common format like CSV and/or JSON.

Knowing I can get my data out of Cohost makes me trust the system more and feel better about posting here.

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This is also an absolute must-have for me in the long term.

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Came here to post this! This is something I definitely want before doing a lot of longer-form posting on cohost -- I like to know I can take my work with me!

Definitely adding myself to that. Two reasons: (a) As soon as Europeans (like me) will stumble across this site, it's more than likely that someone at some point will raise GDPR compliancy to be mandatory, and for that, data export is required. But, furthermore however, (b) talking cohost vs "fediverse/mastodon": One of the core arguments of fediverse proponents is data ownership and the idea of not having data locked up in a single platform where it can't be extracted and re-used in a meaningful way. Export, best of all in a _lightweight_ format (HTML? JSON? markdown? ...) could probably ease this pain a bit. 

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i am bumping this as it seems pretty important for a wide variety of reasons, including GDPR compliance as raised above

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