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Ablity to switch off comments, like, and/or reshares

It would be nice to finally have a site that allows posters to choose how users interact with their posts.

I personally would like to turn off likes to encourage more people to share and comment. I know of others who would like to just post content but not have said content reshared.

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I think this is a decent idea, but I wouldn't want it as a cohost Plus! feature. Doesn't feel like it fits the staffs ethos on what to lock behind the paywall

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I don't see how this goes against their ethos. It doesn't gate any existing features nor is this a feature that can be seen as 'mandatory' for the site to function.

Maybe not, I shouldn't speak for the devs - but if they added this, it'd be a new feature that non-plus subscribers might find useful, that could improve their basic user experience, that they need to subscribe for. I'd be curious to hear one of staff's input, since while in my mind this wouldn't work as a sub bonus, I might be misconstruing what they mean.

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You can already turn off comments on posts. This seems like a non-plus function.

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Then no comment then. Just likes and reshares.

Switching off likes to get comments and/or reshares just seems like a way to get content-free comments and add yet more reshares to the already kinda excessive amount

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