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Copy and paste multiple tags at once

From an artist standpoint, it would be cool if there was an option to paste a list of tags and have those added all at once instead of writing each one individually since quite a few of my posts have a lot of tags in common.

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I hope necro-ing an old thread is fine here. I'd like this too, if only because there's no tumblr post importer. Transferring my old tumblr posts with all my original tags  would be a lot easier if I could simply copy paste the original tags.

Meaning, if there's a comma at the end of a word or sentence, it's automatically accepted in the cohost tags dialogue box as a tag.

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Thirding this, it would be very helpful. It does seem like unintended behavior since commas can only be inserted with copy paste. The site does support searching for tags with commas in them though, which should probably get its own bug report.

This would not only be useful for art, but anyone who posts about the same topic a lot and don't want to type all the tags in every time. I encountered this while posting my userstyles.

Copy/pasting tags would be very handy, but even more helpful for me would be some sort of tag macro. Not sure exactly how this would work, but if I have a certain type of post I make that always uses the same set of tags, it would be super convenient for the site to remember that whole list of tags for me. E.g. I could set "$circling the square" to resolve to "#circling the square, #photography, #phone photography" without me having to go back and copy the tags from the last post or type them all in manually.

 being able to copy/paste tags in general would be INCREDIBLY useful. i think it would also be really nice to be able to edit and re-order tags, but at least being able to copy/paste would allows us to do that in some external editor.

I'd also like this fixed (or as a feature?)

I actually made an excel sheet today to generate tags for a cataloging blog (so for a list of tags that are Category:subcategory i only need to type the subcategory into a form) and made it delimitate tags by commas thinking that'd be convenient, but cohost doesn't seem to recognize the commas when i paste anything in.

seconding this so much, especially since if you actually do Try to paste in a list of tags, separated by commas, you just get one long tag that Contains Commas, which doesn't really seem like Intended behavior, when commas usually cant be added to tags? (not sure if that's an actual Bug Report or just a "secret feature")

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