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floating music player for music posts

"it would be so great for music posts if we could have some sort of  pop-out/floating player so people can play music while they scroll...  see this tweet and this discussion in general!"

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one note is that this may need to be limited to a first-class "music post" type (once one exists) rather than any embedded music in general, at least at first.

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this would be such a huge improvement for sharing music on the site, would absolutely love to see this implemented

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i feel like an (optional?) floating player for any native stuff would be good? (i agree that embeds should be excluded... probably...)

i could see embeds being included but honestly a native music post would be SUPER nice anyway...

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This might be asking cohost to place too much emphasis on audio specifically, but, both in desktop and mobile, the header does have the length, height and at-the-top-stickiness that'd be just right for a (n invisible when not in use) music player

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I don't want to be specific about how it could be implemented, but in the long run it'd be great if we could have a little radio playlist of sorts, a way to play a lot of audio posts by a single person, or by people with follow, or by people who posted in a certain tag, etc.

I've found that my audio posts get almost no engagement on Cohost, even if it's the primary form of art I practice. Their UI is too high-friction with how people normally use the site.

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I would just like to add my support to this idea; a floating player would be a huge boost to the functionality of audio/music on cohost!

this would be amazing! Posting audio is a bit of a hassle right now, so any upgrades would be really cool.

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