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Add "hide shares" and "hide replies" to the home page

Request: Add "hide shares" and "hide replies" toggles to the home page

Sometimes, there's just way too much going on (on any web platform) and I just want to narrow posts down by people's actual original posts, not shared content. On cohost, there's a beautiful toggle on people's profiles to temporarily toggle off their shares or their replies.

I think it'd be great to have this option on the main page, for days when you don't have enough time to catch up on EVERYTHING people shared that day, but would love to see people's art, blogs, etc.

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Agreed!! On twitter there's the "media" tab which sort of functions similarly to a degree, but gosh I'd love just an "original content" tab. It makes it so much easier to decide if I want to follow a particular artist or writer for example. 

I'd love this feature! On Twitter, I have to rely on post notifications in order to update me on when my favorite artists post, it'd be really nice to have a means to see all the new, original posts on the timeline instead of in individual accounts!

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This would be amazing for periodic catch up sessions

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Along the same line, I'd love to be able  to do that per account and be remembered just like Twitter allows to "turn on/off Retweets". Some peeps post lovely content but just share way too much  stuff :P

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i had a very similar request here, though it may be more alike the 'turn off retweets' option from twitter

This is one of the things I hate most about modern social media. Sometimes people you follow because you like their content but they overwhelmingly share others' content. I would prefer if it was able to remember your preference between settings. Basically, I want to toggle on shares when I feel like it, rather than toggling off shares every time I visit the home page.
To add onto this, an option to separate shares and non-shares into two different tabs would be helpful for catching up, effectively a tab for "what people I follow are talking about" and a tab for "what people I follow want me to see".

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