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"Attachments" system for adding inline images/audio/etc

As long as the contents don't exceed the post's attachment size limit, the user could be allowed to upload Any files (usually those that can be displayed in-browser: image, video, audio, etc) as an attachment to the current post being written

After adding the attachment, it could let you paste a bit of markdown that embeds the attachment into the post at that spot, and/or it can give you an attachment URL for html/css purposes

This doesn't have to be implemented exactly as described above, just something that allows attachments (of any media type maybe?) to be included in a post

(this may also help with implementing inline images)

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I think this would be a nice Plus! feature (since it might cost more to the servers if we're uploading PDFs, full video or audio files or something for download). I do think I'd use it either way for one of my projects. 

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@shel  Maybe! But I think Plus! already has an increased attachment size limit, so whatever content can be hosted as an attachment could be exposed to the user more directly ^^

This is exactly what I would want. I want to be able to do some fancy schmancy CSS art with layered alpha transparent PNGs that are of a reasonably small size, and do fancy paralax stuff with them and all that,  without needing to upload the images to some other server.

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this is basically the exact design I was envisioning for our planned improvements to images, so thank you for taking the time to post about it because it makes me more confident that that solution was the right one!

> Maybe! But I think Plus! already has an increased attachment size limit,  so whatever content can be hosted as an attachment could be exposed to  the user more directly

yep!  the way I was envisioning the attachment limit working was 20mb/post for normal users, and 50mb/post for plus! users.

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I would love for the ability to post audio!! An option to post demos of music in a casual way to others is much needed.

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Regarding URLs, I always liked how Reddit's custom CSS for subreddits handled those:


You could upload an arbitrary number of images, and they'd have human-readable names. You could then refer to them with a special syntax: %%imagename%%, rather than using the URL directly. This has the advantage of making your custom CSS readable, and it avoids embedding the actual URL into the code, so it gives the site flexibility to change where the images are hosted in future. Also, since it looks nothing like an actual URL, it makes it easier for the site to prevent you embedding URLs from other sites, or attachments from other posts (problematic if those posts get deleted or edited).

I think the custom names are the least important part of this btw. If they were always named %%attachment1%%, %%attachment2%% etc, that'd still have all the other benefits.

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@hikari-no-yume  Huh! I never knew Reddit had css shenanigans, though I don't know a lot about that site anyway

A human-friendly URL that gets resolved by the post system (when it goes "source -> post's actual html") would be cool! Maybe the easier Markdown-embed could be the human-friendly link wrapped in square brackets or something?

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I was searching the feature request forum for features that match what I wanted to ask for, and I'm not positive this is the same but I feel like there's overlap - would this feature allow me to post video to a cohost post with my mobile device? At present, I can only insert inline-images.

@Brendan  That's the plan, I believe! Everything on PC web browsers should carry over to mobile browsers, which would include post attachments and include video files, given they fit within the upload limit.

If the video's too large, currently it would be rejected, though there may be plans in the future that can auto-compress media if it's too large? There might be a separate feature request for that (possibly related to pasting images into a post)

Please! I would love that! Please! I want to use inline images but I'd like them to be local to the post, so I don't need to be worried about whether the place I host them at will break the link in the future etc. There already is a file size limit so it shouldn't matter whether you use it up for like uhm the main post images, or attachments, right?

Also if there is ever a media gallery in the future it would be amazing if attachments uploaded to posts could be displayed in it on the same basis as the main post media! I talk about what my dream media gallery would be in this thread ( customizable and per file rather than post basis) but I don't know how much of a pipe dream that is because I don't stuff about websites

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I literally just popped on to check if this was a feature that had already been requested in case I needed to request it, myself, but lo and behold not only has it been requested but it's on the upgrades roadmap! :D

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