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Like/reblog buttons on each section of post

Sometimes when a post with lots of pieces of commentary crosses my dash, I want to like just the OP, or specifically like a couple of the commentaries, or reblog an earlier version of the post that has the first commentary but not the last two, etc. As is, I'd have to use the time stamps to open each post version as another webpage to like or reblog, which is tedious. It's also not very clear what liking a post does - does OP get the notification, or the most recent commentator, or all commentators, or the reblogger who put it on your dash? I only recently realized the reblogger doesn't, and still don't know how the rest works. I think it would be nice if each section of commentary had its own separate like/reblog button in the corner. Super clear who you're sending the notif to, easy to show appreciation to multiple contributors, and easy to reblog from any point in the chain!

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