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Scroll timeline separately from sidebars

This is a good twitter feature that should be emulated :) It's very annoying to have to scroll all the way back up every time.

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I agree, I find myself having to give up my place on my feed to access the menu very often. I'd also add that it'd be nice to have the sidebar bio info sticky positioned when scrolling on somebody's profile as well.

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It also paves the way for the inevitable unlimited scrolling, be it 3rd party extension or 1st party feature.

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Thirding this!  Having it maybe be a floating corner menu? 

apologies for bringing this back to life, but for people who know how to make firefox have custom userside CSS, i made a few tweaks that should get you close to a sticky sidebar in the attached userContent.css file. it's not perfect, all it does is restrict the height of the timeline to the height of the cohost corner, so if you scroll with your mouse cursor outside of the timeline, you will still scroll down a bit. but you won't have to scroll half a mile to get back to your sidebar

i also made the CSS tweaks a JS injection bookmarklet, which should hopefully work on most browsers. copy the contents of "stickySidebarBookmarklet.txt", add a new bookmark to your browser, and paste what you just copied into the URL part of it. i know that sounds suspicious lol, but you can look over the code yourself, i promise it just injects the custom CSS

see stickySidebarDemo.mp4 for a quick demonstration of how it works

(388 Bytes)
(166 Bytes)

I also think "latest posts" and "bookmarked tags" should be locked on top of the screen.

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