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(Un)read posts indicator in the main feed

Now that Cohost is picking up in activity, I've followed enough people that figuring out where I left off last time I looked at the main feed has become a lot more difficult. I find myself looking at timestamps carefully to help figure this out.

Sometimes this is a symptom of lots of people sharing the same posts, filling up large portions of the feed.

Regardless, it would be great if I could easily determine whether I'm still in "new posts" territory, to save time. A simple indicator like a colored line - akin to how Discord indicates unread messages - could be enough to solve this.

Alternative ideas:
  • An option (button?) to take me to the newest post from my previous session, rather than the current newest post.
  • The ability to hide shares of posts originally made by people I follow might be sufficient.

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On the one hand, I kinda like it, but on the other hand, I feel like then I'd find myself always trying to scroll until I get to the indicator rather than just stopping when i get bored.

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absolutely, the kind of 'you're all caught up' or line or something as a this is where you were before you closed cohost would be great, but I appreciate that might be more complicated on the back end!

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