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option to paste images into new post window

 I would like the ability to paste images from my clipboard into the cohost new post window, like we can on twitter, imgur etc. This would make composing posts faster, as I don't have to specifically save images to my PC before uploading.

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+1, would really really love this

i would like this too

Yes, this would be very nice to have.

I would also like this.

Sidenote: would avoid the weird behavior of trying to upload multiple images from the same local filename (e.g. temp001.png that is being generated/replaced programmatically locally between me selecting it from the file browser)

This one's vital

(p.s. I've done client-side image uploads from clipboard before Professionally™ and it's nowhere near as bad as some people are making out; there are ways and means for keeping it lossless but reasonable)

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 i don't mind images getting absolutely deepfried, i just think it adds to the hilarity of it.

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I think that a new generation of support forum users deserve the chance to upvote this necessary feature, so I am bumping it.

Something to note about re-encoding images on the client side:

firefox recently added a (nonstandard) way to choose the png compression level when using toBlob (or toDataURL) on a canvas:

   /* callback function */
}, "image/png", "-moz-parse-options:png-zlib-level=9")

 This can result in much smaller file sizes (at the cost of slightly longer encoding time)

(on other browsers, this parameter will just be ignored)

In addition:
when copy/pasting an image from a website, the browser will convert it to a png, but:

it's also possible to access the image url (request the clipboard data as html, and it will give you an <img src=...> tag), so for publicly available images, the server could download that file directly from its original source, to avoid re-encoding it (this is especially good if the original was a jpeg etc.)

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I miss this so much, very used to it from Twitter/Facebook/Mastodon.

please, please, please

this is like the one singular thing that's keeping me from fully switching from twitter before the site burns down

being able to paste an image, instead of having to open sharex and drag the file into the textbox, is so much more convenient.

i constantly step on a lego when i try to paste images into the chost hole

i wouild like to be able to post selfies as 100mph. the current post implementation limits me to posting at about 90mph. assc, plz fix.

for those still waiting for this, there is a userscript you can use in the meanwhile

it's live! full update coming in today's patch notes

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