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keyboard shortcuts for markdown in post editor?

I'd like to have support for common keyboard shortcuts for Markdown and/or WYSIWYG, ex. command+B, command+I, command+U, command+K. 

general feedback/genesis of this request: i don't think my brain registers properly that the post editor has MD/html/css support because the font is not a fixed width font like you would expect to see in a code editor? it makes it a little harder to write code in the box in my opinion, especially with the characters required to do a link (brackets!!!!!) so my brain always wants to command+K to insert a link or command+I to italicize a title but nothing happens which trips me up!

being able to easily switch between a code mode and WYSIWYG mode and having these common keyboard shortcuts available would probably be beneficial to non-technical users as well as technical ones!

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