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Blocked pages still show up in search results

 For example:

1. Go to and block ( :( I know, it's just for the example)

2. Go to back to the homepage and search for eggbug

3. @eggbug is still the first result

If that's possible, I would prefer not to have to see pages I blocked every time I search for related tags. (Think, seeing "Page Against Blah" every time you search for Blah as a fan.)

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If you don't want to see them in search results, you must silence them, not block them.

I didn't realise that, thank you for the tip! The account I wanted to hide was banned a couple of days later so I'm fine either way now, will see if I can close the ticket.

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I'm currently experiencing this same problem, and the stated workaround doesn't work for me;  silencing a page doesn't remove it from the search results, whether or not I also have it blocked.

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