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Accessibility: Image description field too small

The image description field is very small making it hard to write proper descriptions without resorting to writing it elsewhere and pasting it in.

Since the field is already hidden when not hovering over the image, I think at least to start with just making the field noticeably larger could be a (hopefully) not too big change which could be a significant improvement.

As an example my last description was 96 characters, which I consider fairly short.

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Yeah, ideally the text box would be below (not obscuring) the image, and large enough to show the whole description text you're editing at once.

This is a feature for helping vision impaired users, it should be as easy to attach to images as possible, minimizing it visually is imo just perverse.

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I didn't realize that the alt text input only shows on hover - I use an eye tracker on my PC and at first I was very confused when the text I was trying to type disappeared if I looked away.

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a nice UI might be 1-4 text entry fields that look similar to the tag/cw fields, placed between the images and the post. if you want to make it extra clear which field goes with which pic to minimize mix ups, you could put a little # in an egg on the corner of each pic, then a matching egg at the front of each field? maybe even a "+ alt" button in the corner of the image, and tapping on it makes the text entry field i described appear?

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wow, i wasnt even able to find the image description area, at all. so knowing it even exists is new to me, i really think it should be more obvious that they have alt text options for images, I like to add descriptions to all images and it being hard to find is very difficult to navigate. it should be more obvious and more prominent in general that its an option. I also think they should make sure their site is completely screen reader accessible so maybe having a consultant on board would be a good idea for accessibility

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So if I were the one who made this thread, I would have put it into Feature request.  Oh well. But I very much agree with everyone, the Image Description Field is way to small, I would like it if it were made bigger please.

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Besides being generally too small, I also found that on desktop the image description field gets cut off when adding 3 images to a post, hiding the last few characters of the content (might depend on aspect ration, I noticed it with 1231x900 images)

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I also have a lot of trouble adding alt text to my images. The field is way too small on mobile (hard to tap) and very jumpy. It is also hard to edit since it is so small and the visible character area is short. Since Alt Text is a vital accessibility feature, I would like to see this fixed.

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 Bumping this request.

Really obnoxious issue for me

Would like to add that the way the current implementation works makes it impossible to use the ctrl-cmd-space emoji picker feature on macOS on alt text, since that takes away mouse focus and therefore makes the alt text field disappear, meaning entering the emoji with the picker menu will have no target and thus no emoji gets added to the alt text. I don't know much about screen readers' ways of dealing with emojis–as I understand, it's a mixed bag at best–but nonetheless it can be a useful way to convey extremely specific meaning in a text-only or low-bandwidth environment. (Also, this menu can be used for unicode character input too, so emoji support in screen readers aside, it might be useful for specific cases anyway; e.g., I used it to type these following characters: µ℞℃)

Even if implementing a new input area would take away too many dev cycles right now, you could go a very long way for many users (not all, of course, people not using mice would still be SOL) by just getting rid of the on-hover JS event and just making the box always visible.

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