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Pin comments into reblog commentary

Sometimes I can't decide whether to put a reply in the comments of a post so it's easier for people who are interested in the post to access my reply as part of a wider comment conversation, or in the reblog commentary so my followers will see it and it could become part of a wider dashboard conversation. (This mostly happens with posts that are thought/convo-provoking prompts, like "what 3 things would you bring to a deserted island") I think it would be fun if I could reply as a comment, then reblog the post and choose to pin my comment into the commentary section of the reblog. OP could also use this feature to reply to a comment more publicly, like if they're answering a question with info that they think their followers will also want to know. Or anyone could use it to share a comment that they think is funny or insightful. However, I could see this causing issues for people who choose to reply in the comments *because* they don't want their reply showing up on people's dashes. But I have no idea how common that pov is versus mine... so idk if this would actually be a good feature but it's one *I've* wanted several times, so i figured I'd mention it.

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