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Pagination in tags

the endless scroll on tag pages hasn't been working well for me. first, it ends up cutting off after a certain number of posts, which in busy tags can mean i can't even go back a full 24 hours. this is frustrating bc i only tag surf sporadically when i'm looking to kill a couple hours, so i want to be able to keep going! and extra frustrating when i specifically want to look at older posts. (since people often post in "#welcome to cohost" or "#introduction" on their first day, I wanted to browse these posts about a week late when the users had more content on their blogs so I could better decide whether to follow.) second, so many posts on one page causes lag issues. this was especially bad when i browsed the "#worldwide music wednesday" tag today, since every song that i listened to for ten seconds and then paused just stayed on the page and kept buffering. three, it's just weird that it's endless while the main dash and user pages are both paginated!

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