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Separate "reply" and "report" on comments

The words "reply" and "report" are very similar at a glance and are placed right next to each other. I keep hitting report when I try to reply, and then closing the report window jumps me back to the top of the page so I lose my place. I would like these to be physically separated (e.g. reply on one side, report on the other) or make them more visually distinctive. I know there's a little arrow next to reply but it is not enough for me. (Additionally, it would be great if closing the report window did not jump you to the top of the page.) 

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we're adding a "hide" button to the comment right now, so our plan right now is to put "delete", "hide", and "report" in a meatball menu so they're out of the way and require another click.

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big support on that last point especially

oh god absolutely yes please

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