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Add local nicknames for users

I have bad memory problems, and whenever someone changes their name or icon (worst case: both!) on social media where you can do that, l just completely forget who that person is. An accessibility feature that would be very helpful to me would be nicknames: a name you can set for people that only you can see which helps you keep track of who people are, regardless of what their handle or username is changed to. There are a few platforms that already have a feature like this: Steam has had this feature for what feels like a decade, and Discord allows you to tack a note on users too. While Reddit doesn't have name changes, Reddit Enhancement Suite allows you to add labels & colors to users so it's easier to recognize them or to just leave a note like "this user likes triangular birds" or "weirdo (positive)" Ideally this would always show next to their username in a smaller/cursive font, so it's always easy to see who's who. Optionally this could be a toggle in settings. A button to show/hide the nickname would not be my preference as l think that would clog up the screen, especially for people who don't use the feature.

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I'm a big fan of this feature on every place I've seen it. It's good for remembering important things about friends (how I met them, pets names, etc.) and also it's handy for if you need to mute/block someone because you can look back and see if it was something minor (kind of annoying, really excited about thing I don't care about) or something big. Really hope we get it

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yeah its stupid as hell. the limit is 500. (last time i checked it was 50...) that might sound like a lot, but many people have easily hit it, including several friends of mine.

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discord has a WHAT

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if this becomes a thing, PLEASE don't stupidly add a nickname/note limit like discord does. or at the very least, make it easy to clear nicknames from people, like from the settings menu or something.

discord's system is utterly baffling because (last time i checked anyway,) notes *do not* automatically get removed when you no longer have any contact with a given person, which makes it VERY hard to avoid the limit after being on the platform for many years and meeting/unfriending a certain amount of people. it's VERY frustrating.

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I personally would like the Discord style Notes thing. I'd benefit from being able to put my own note under their Headline, personally.

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