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Ability to link comments

 This one's pretty minor, but it'd be nice if you could link to a specific comment in a thread. I've seen a few comments I've wanted to be able to show someone, but sending them the entire post page and saying 'scroll down x amount' seems annoying. Adding an id or some attribute to each comment and being able to reference it at the end of the url (i.e. /post/somethingsomething#comment-id) would be really helpful in sharing information with others.

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You CAN do this! But only if you access that comment through your notifications:

And it turns out this is already technically possible! Just click the comment timestamp and copy the url from the address bar. Still, a dedicated 'copy link' button would be a nice touch

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As you said, you can already do it via the timestamp on the comment, which is pretty standard across other social media platforms. We'll consider adding another method if/when we adjust the comment view, but for now I'm gonna call this done.

If you choose to put a meatball menu and put report/block/share/mute/hide blah blah blah stuffed in there, that's where I'd put a dedicated "Permalink to Comment" button. The timestamp being the permalink as well is good, and works for me.

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