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Centralized place to view my previous comments

I would like a centralized place to view my previous comments. Sometimes I link to something in a comment and then would like to dig up the link again later. As it currently stands, if there are no reply notifications to my comment, unless I know who authored the original chost, or someone who reblogged it, it is a right pain to try and find it.

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Seconding this. Additionally, a way to view *another* user's comments would be nice. 

I can see how viewing another's comments could hypothetically be a stalking/harassment concern, but it's true that the birdsite allows it.

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I like being able to view all of my own comments, but I would very much advise against a way to view all of somebody else's comments.  I know OP didn't suggest that.

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Agree with OP, absolutely not agree with first commenter 

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Just linking to the other time this was requested (looks like you forgot you'd already posted it)