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move tags out of the body of posts

This is an aesthetic request, i know another pass on post layout is planned but i want to put this out there.

Tags are currently in the white part of the post with no visual divider between what can and cant be edited with CSS. this has lead to a lot of image posts, aesthetic text posts or CSS crimes that suffer aesthetically from a lack of control over the full body of the post.

18+/content warnings have this same issue for the top of posts by forcing a header to exist even when the poster didn't add one.

I wish for cohost posters to have full control of their little white box.

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I agree with this. I think, like the browser's "above the fold" area, there should be a clear separation between  Cohost UI and user content.

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> I agree with this. I think, like the browser's "above the fold" area,  there should be a clear separation between  Cohost UI and user content.

the counterpoint I'd make here is that the tags _are_ user content, they're just text-only user content; I don't think a UI/user content separation is a strong argument here.  that said, one thing that makes it "less user content-like" is that other users can put tags on your post when sharing it and mess up the way you thought the post was going to be laid out originally, and we're aware of this and going to fix it so that your tags are displayed separately from any tags added in a share.

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