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"Liked posts" page/feed

I would really appreciate the ability to see what posts I've liked. This would allow users to find posts they remember seeing, use the like button as a de facto short-term bookmark, and revisit Just The Good Posts. I often see a post that, for whatever reason, I know I'll want to revisit later, and it would be very helpful to be able to just like it and know I'll be able to find it again.

This is a feature that both Twitter and Tumblr offer, though it should be a private page that only the user can see, unlike those sites where it is either always or optionally public. 

(Additionally, the ability to search only liked posts would be incredible, but that's maybe a separate feature request.)

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Bookmarks in general might be nice- I want to hand out likes to everyone whose posts deserve a little heart of acknowledgement, but using them as a bookmark function would be tempting

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they have indicated that this is in their plans as per this ticket, but I don't know how far out in the future it is:

(apologies if that is somehow not publicly viewable, it is my ticket from a while ago asking for the same thing)

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they've absolutely indicated this is one of the things regularly requested (I asked as a reply to an update once).

You bring up a great point though - in an ideal world, it'd be nice to have the kind of like as response *in addition to* a type of [save post] feature. But honestly if it's one or the other, a list of liked posts would be amazing. 

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i would like to add to this that a search feature or tag filtering for a liked or saved posts collection would be really useful in keeping everything organized (unlike existing twitter or tumblr versions of this feature where everything can get really backed up over time and you cant exactly dig up old content youd like to see)

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I'd like to throw my vote in for keeping likes separate from bookmarks, if at all possible, or a bookmark system *in addition* to a likes page - I've seen at least one user appreciate that likes are just a silly little thing they can hand out, as opposed to a bookmark system where they have to think about whether they like something enough to justify adding bloat to a system they'll have to sift through later. Barring that, an ability to search liked posts would be helpful as well.

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picking this item up today!  right now we're just going to have the "like" concept instead of also adding bookmarks, and no search right away, but we're also not philosophically opposed to adding search later.

the liked posts feed is now live!  I'm gonna mark this task as resolved and create a separate feature request thread for a liked posts search.