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Choose which page to follow someone with

Id like a dropdown on the follow button to choose which of my pages to follow that person on.

This would be especially helpful going through and sorting your following list. there's currently no easy way to change which page follows what pages.

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I want this so that if someone reblogs good porn onto my main TL I can more efficiently mute the porn account from main and follow it from my AD account at the same time. Also so when people post like "here's my personal priv account for friends" I can send a follow req from my personal priv account more easily. Right now it's kind of elaborate to switch accounts and then get to that page again to follow it (from mobile/iOS safari app mode)

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I just don't want it to refresh the page or send me some place else when I change which Project I'm viewing Cohost through while on some post.

This would be incredibly convenient. One of my minor gripes with Twitter is the fact that I have to switch accounts to follow people, and it'd be a nice quality of life feature to have this on Cohost.

This would be great. I'd like some of my pages to have mutuals with others while others stay separated.
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