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Likes for comments

I'd like the ability to "like" comments, in order to let someone know that I appreciate their comment without having to make a comment of my own. I envision this as behaving similarly to likes on posts, in that it would be invisible to everyone but the liker and the commenter. 

I could also see some sort of public-facing +1 or upvote system, which would have the added benefit of reducing the number of replies that are just "+1" or otherwise just expressions of agreement. However, I would not want this to become a full Reddit-style voting/ranking system.

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I really apologise that I got so upset. I feel like I've been too judgmental and my emotions got the better of me.

But I just don't get one thing. Say that just replying to people with an emoji is the way to go. Isn't that gonna make the issue of it becoming an expectation even worse because all replies are necessarily public-facing?

Like, I could, if I wanted to, reply to everything I want to with a heart or a smile or a hug, and then everybody will see that I do that, publicly.

A completely private (between the reply-er and the OP) interaction thus means that there's less expectation or let-down from others if they don't get one, because...they don't see it. It's only relevant between me and a friend of mine's reply.

I just...I really don't get it, but I shouldn't have gotten as upset as I did.

As much as I'd use a "read and acknowledged" feature, I agree with others in that it could descend into attention-seeking territory if not implemented carefully. So I'll have to say "nay" as well. 

I think a big part of the division of opinions here comes down to, for lack of a better term, popularity: if you're someone with a lot of followers who makes posts that regularly get a lot of engagement, having any expectation to then engage with responses to your posts will seem burdensome. On the other hand, if you mainly engage with a small circle on the site, whether that's due to not having many followers, only interacting with people you know, exclusively posting about a niche topic, etc. I think having a low-effort, low-impact way to acknowledge someone can be valuable and useful.

I'm not sure if there's a middle ground - my first thought is maybe there's a way to set it up where it's more like discord reacts (as reactions are slightly higher effort/relevance it may mitigate a sense that they would be a given) and then letting users opt-out so none of the replies on their posts can receive reacts (thus there is no ability or expectation for them to react)? but I'm ultimately someone who falls into the category of people who would benefit from this so can't properly address the perspective of someone who doesn't.

Just would like to pop in here and say that I'm with @caro on this one. honestly one of my biggest peeves of using cohost so far is the complete absence of like counts on both posts and comments. It feels like I'm the only loser interacting with anything on here.
I understand that some people may find the idea of giving "courtesy likes" or receiving notifications for likes stressful (?) but just because that's the case doesn't mean we should do away with the concept of public like counts entirely.

A toggle would be very much appreciated. I think that'd be best.

I just struggle to see it the way everyone here does, but considering how controversial the idea is I imagine it won't be implemented. For me, the absence of comment likes are sorely felt, and it doesn't make much sense to me to have these concerns about comment likes but not post likes. They're one in the same for me. 

I just want a nice, convenient button to show my appreciation for a comment that doesn't require unnecessary spam/fluff to do so. When I reply to every comment it feels like I'm "needing to have the last word" and idk, it feels kind of weird to me. But just clicking the little heart, that's nice and easy and shows I enjoyed their comment.

I've never had any feelings of stress regarding liking someone's comment, feeling like I'm obligated to do so out of courtesy or something. So I guess I just don't understand that criticism because I just don't have that mindset about likes. 

I do agree with everyone though that like counts shouldn't be public, but yeah I don't think that was ever on the table. Ideally it'd work identically to post likes. Regarding notifications, post likes are already condensed down to one line. I don't know if that wasn't the case 7 - 8 months ago but that issue seems more or less solved now. 

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