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[STICKY] How to request cohost Plus! benefits

we love feedback at cohost. some of our best and nicest features have come from user requests, and even if we don't directly  implement your idea, knowing what our users want out of a website helps make cohost a better place to post and interact!

here's how to make your request look its best:

  • check if your suggestion has already been posted. duplicate suggestions may be deleted or folded into the most active thread for a given feature to improve thread visibility.

  • be descriptive! clear and specific requests help us identify pain points and user needs more easily. for example, "i want to customize the main site theme with a color picker" is infinitely more helpful and much more likely to get shipped than "themes pls" or "can you make the color scheme better?"

  • weigh in on threads for features you'd like to see. it's obvious, but this helps us determine which features are most desired. please note that sheer popularity is not the sole or even most important factor in deciding which features to ship, but it does help us prioritize our work queue. additionally, explaining your perspective and use case helps us understand how you use the site, and may actually help another user!

  • please do not request basic features as a cohost Plus! benefit. we do not want to gate any meaningful functionality behind cohost Plus!; for example, increased upload size and exclusive emoji are cohost Plus! benefits, but image uploading and emoji support are not.

thank you for your feedback and thanks for using cohost!