thanks for using artist alley! we have a few rules here in order to keep the alley a safe space for everyone to conduct business.

your listing must follow our existing community guidelines and our general terms of use

additionally, some things can’t be listed in the alley. your listing may not promote transactions of:

  • weapons or ammunition
  • drugs or alcohol
  • medicine, medical services, or medical advice
  • therapy, psychology, or other mental health services
  • lawyers or legal advice
  • illegal products or services
    • such as, but not limited to, selling fake IDs, swatting or doxxing services, fraud method selling
  • hazardous materials

furthermore, you cannot use the alley for:

  • political campaign ads
  • misinformation and conspiracy theories
  • interpersonal solicitation, such as requests for friendship
  • solely to ask for cohost followers
    • i.e. a listing that only contains the text “follow my account!” - “follow my account to see my future woodburning art projects” and including an example of your work is acceptable

for listings that are marked as 18+, there are some additional rules to keep in mind. you may not make listings for:

  • selling sex acts involving yourself/others or sex trafficking
  • real life services such as video calling and audio recording
    • audio recording for the purposes of voice acting or SFX/foley is acceptable
  • garment selling
  • nude image or video selling, including the promotion of websites like OnlyFans
  • live cam websites

site staff reserve the right to amend these guidelines in the future, and we will notify you when we do. we reserve the right to deny listings for reasons that are not given here, though we will ensure these guidelines are updated appropriately should something need to be added.

should your listing violate these rules, your application will be denied and you will be refunded the full amount paid to cohost. please allow 5-10 business days for a refund to process and appear on your bank statement.