We work pretty hard to make cohost great, but we're not alone in that goal. A number of talented developers create their own scripts, extensions, and tools for cohost that could improve your experience. Here we've compiled a small showcase of some of our favorite ones. 

Using third party tools that interact with cohost presents some amount of risk. At the time of compiling this list we have no reason to believe that the authors are doing anything malicious, but since we aren't maintaining this software, we can't make any promises that this will remain true or that the software will continue to work. Please ensure that you trust the author of anything you use. Be extremely cautious!


Web Tools

Don't need to edit cohost directly? Just need to format a cool post? These websites have your back.

Userscript Setup

The main way in which you can modify cohost directly is through the use of a userscript. A userscript is a piece of code that runs every time you load a cohost page. In order to facilitate this, you'll need to install an extension to your web browser to run said code. We recommend Tampermonkey. You'll need to install this extension to your browser to use any of the following userscripts.

Note that we only recommend userscripts for more advanced users. If you're not really sure what you're doing, we'd suggest steering clear! Lastly, we cannot provide support with userscripts. If something breaks, please turn off your userscripts, update them, or contact the author of the script. If the issue persists with userscripts off, contact us for support.


To use the following userscripts, you'll need to install them to your userscript extension. A brief overview of how to do so can be found here.


Similar to userscripts, userstyles let you edit the appearance of Cohost. You'll need to install a userstyle extension to use these. We recommend Stylus (Chrome) - (Firefox)


Extensions are self contained applications you install right into your web browser that can change how a website looks, feels, or acts.

Tools for Developers

Cohost does not currently have an API (we're working on it), but some developers have created wrappers for interacting with cohost's "unofficial API"

Please note that these can break at any moment.

I made something cool, I want to be on this page!

This page is a living document and is updated on the regular. If your creation is already on this page and you need something fixed, updated, or removed, contact support

If you've made something new and want it to be considered for inclusion, check out this post and comment following the instructions. Not everything will be included on this page, but we will consider anything you send to us for inclusion! 

If you use any of these tools and are having an issue with that tool, please contact the author.