PLEASE NOTE: the inclusion of a specific content warning on this page DOES NOT IMPLY that content is allowed on cohost. Always check the community guidelines if you are unsure!

As described in the community guidelines, we are now requiring content warnings for certain types of sensitive content. We are hiding content with these content warnings from tag pages for unrelated tags, but they will still show up on the tag pages listed below, dashboards, and profile pages. 

List of Mandatory Content Warnings

  • lolicon
  • loli
  • shotacon
  • shota
  • lolisho
  • cub
  • underage
  • toddlercon
  • noncon

Note: if more than one of these tags applies to your post, we recommend that you add all of them. An exception to this is shortened versions (loli vs. lolicon), of which only one is required. This redundancy is included to better catch existing posts.

List of Tags that do not have filtering enabled

At the moment, this list is identical to the one above. It is treated as a separate list internally just in case we decide to add more.

We are open to feedback or suggestions for this list. Any changes will come with adequate announcement, as well as a grace period for users to start adding CWs they hadn't been previously.